Tuning Formulas Use a Combination of Sounds to activate
corresponding brain patterns which influence optimal health.

  Sound is energy
Everything on the planet has been imbued with some form of energy. This is what life is all about. Energy is the common denominator between all species, all elements, and all forms of spirit. Spirt is subtle energy. It is unseen. It is the energy of belief, and the energy of the unseen origins of energy. For some this translates into God, Allah, Great Spirit, Creator, etc. For others, Spirit is the natural energy of all things we enjoy but cannot control. This is like the patterns of sun and moon, ocean tides, animal nature, plants and trees, etc. We might call this Spirit, the "Nature" of each creation as each creature contains forms of spirit that influence its behaviors and life patterns. Their nature defines what they are, and what they do on the planet. Human nature defines what we are and what we do on the planet. Nature is energy. Spirit is energy. Sound is energy.

In humans, when energy is vibrant, we feel good, function properly, and enjoy our lives. We have a clear understanding about our lives, and we move in harmony with the choices we make. When our personal energy is low, we make mistakes, succumb to illness, experience depression, self-doubt, and loss of interest in our lives.

Self-Healing has been done for millions of years
Our ancestors understood energy much better than we do. They knew (without science proving it) that using vocal tones alone or in melodies was a way to shift their energy and create a healing environment within their body, mind, or spirit (the unseen abilities within the body and outside the body). Specific to various cultures, they would activate various patterns in their bodies to vibrate at their optimal frequencies. Healing occurred and new life was generated.

Most every culture has its own form of sound medicine and uses various songs or sound patterns to create healing in the body. Our suggested tuning formulas come from a deep study of some of the more predominant sound healing cultures including, the Africans, Amazonians, Hawaiians/Polynesians, Inuits, Maori, Aboriginals, Peruvians, Asians, Bolivians, Mongolians, Hebrews, Native Americans, Mexicans, Brazilians, Northern European, and Carribbean cultures.

We can still do this even if many people have distanced themselves from healing sounds. We can use sound to generate healthier tissues, stronger functions, and greater cooperation with other parts of the body. This is a huge claim, and one that cannot be scientifically proven; but it is a claim that comes from millions of years of human experience.

Tuning Formulas for Optimal Health
In the accompanying E-Book, we have provided distinctive tuning formulas for specific conditions. In addition to that book, on this page, we offer a general daily tuning formula that uses each of the 12 chromatic music notes. The value in providing sound clips on this site is that you can get to this page easily and find an accurate reference for the sounds you want to make. You can also purchase a tone generator or pitch pipe to help accomplish the same thing. We provide Pocket Toners on our products page.

To use these music clips, listen first. Listen deeply. When you think you understand the sound, then replay the clip and match the sound precisely using your voice. Each is presented in two octaves, high and low. Find your vocal range and make that sound. The sound of water plays in the background as an added bonus. The sound of moving water carries all sounds of the universe and helps us to feel grounded and confident. Some call this "the spirit of water."

While making the sound of the music note, practice using vowel sounds, or "Sacred Sounds" as they are known by many of the indigenous sound healing cultures. Uttering first one vowel through all 12 notes, and then following that practice through all the vowels will provide amazing vibrational energy boost to the body, mind, and spirit.

When you have finished all 12 Sacred Syllables, find notes you want to work with, and use those tones to express the Seed Syllables. The seed syllables come from all languages and in uttering them in song, they activate specific body centers.

For more healing information on the use of daily tuning formulas contained in the book, or the entire spectrum of formulas, click on the image or go to the Sound Store link at the top of this page. Book #1 offers toning formulas for specific issues and organized them according to body functions or chakras.

Note Book 1

Using Chakras
Sounds activate human physiology, but they also activate non-local energy centers or portals. This means each body gets energy from cosmic sources. Your religious beliefs may not include the acceptance of an organized pattern for energy exchanges between human flesh and the God Source. There is no denying, however, when we pray or activate an energy exchange between our Creator and our flesh, things change for us. Using sound as our vehicle for the God Source, we quickly learn the quality of each music notes specifically activates a particular part of the body and opens it to greater wellness potential. In many cultures, the energy centers are referred to as "Chakras." Think of spinning wheels of energy like a vortex when water drains down an opening --except, the energies are not draining from the body, but coming into the body.
When we are ill or depressed, the portal for that type of energy might be blocked or narrowed so that full energy cannot come through. Sound opens the energy portal so it is wide open and able to receive.When our chakras are open and functioning well, all the corresponding areas of the body are working at their best and life feels balanced and enjoyable. Yoga is a physical practice that opens various parts of the body and stretches msucles so more blood and electrical energy can flow through. Sound is Yoga, too. A Sound pracrtice is as valuable to the whole and subtle body as Yoga is to the body.

Yoga of the Voice
When we practice specific tuning formulas in a particular order and adhere to the stretching of sounds in greater endurance each session, we are engaging in a yogic form of devotion. Not only is this considered valuable for the body, but it is also valuable to mind and consciousness expansion. Our brain patterns are intensified and we understand life more fully. We live from a higher view of the order of things. We engage with others in more compassionate exchanges. When we exercise our voices, we expand ourselves in all ways. The Chakras provide a ladder of experience beginning from the first chakra, at the base of the spine, and moving to the seventh chakra at the top of the head. Cosmically speaking, there are hundreds of thousands of chakra portals in the human body, but we will work with the basic seven energy centers in this sound practice. All these details are contained within Note Book #1.



Daily tuning formula for
general health

Don't be shy about using these strange-sounding syllables. They have been used for millions of years and in many cultures. In fact, all languages use a combination of these sounds in the formation of each word. Repeat as often as needed to strengthen your vocal resonance. In order to determine which notes you need for healing specific illnesses or health challenges see Note Book #1 available in the Sound Store or use the general Chakra information found everywhere on the web.

Sacred Syllables:
Aum = Om
AA - EE - I - OH - OO

Seed Syllables:

E - Yam - Bam - Ram - Lam
Shrim - Eim - Klim - Krim
Gum - Glaum
Haum - Shraum - Hrim

1st Chakra
Muladhara - Root


D -
2nd Chakra
Svdisthana - Sacral


3rd Chakra
Manipura - Solar Plexus

4th Chakra
Anahata - Heart


5th Chakra
Vishuddha - Throat


6th Chakra
Ajna - Third Eye


B -
7th Chakra
Sahasrara - Crown


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