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Sound Healing Works Simply, Elegantly, and Intelligently.

Sound is the New Old Medicine
There is nothing strange, "new age," or cultish about using sound as medicine. Primal humans used sound for healing and also to increase their understanding of the world around them. They prayed to the spirits for what they needed by using their voices in emotional ways. They released energy of loss by keening long, low sounds of mourning. They celebrated good fortune by dancing and singing. They kept their families and tribes balanced by using communal sound gatherings. Sound wellness, as our ancestors knew it, was left behind with modernity but will eventually reclaim its place in our lives along with other healthy practices like yoga, meditation, aerobic exercise, etc. And when it does, there will be no question about rising each morning, singing to the sun, and going on with our day. Sometime during the day, we will stop what we are doing and go through a series of vocal exercises quickly to refresh our minds much like taking a "coffee break." Later we will release all the tensions of the day through a session of singing, drumming, and dancing before we enjoy a good meal with our loved ones. Later, before we sleep, we will hum a series of tones that will take us quickly into the deepest most restful sleep ever.

When we finally allow ourselves to use our given voices for dynamic wellness, we will realize what a healthy life really feels like. There are many ways to experience our own sounds. We can sing songs, sing tones, make nature sounds, or simply hum softly to ourselves. There is no wrong way. but some techniques are more beneficial and healing for the body, mind, and spirit. These techniques are detailed in Note Book #1, of the Sound Awakening E-Book Series.

The Universal Language of Music

Music is the language that bridges all humans in all cultures and all stages of life. When music is introduced anywhere, people are bonded together in their appreciation for these shared experiences; but in much deeper ways than the obvious sociological connections we make with each other through music, the act of making music connects the musician with the wholism of Creation – the cosmic source of all – which reminds us we are always connected to something greater than ourselves. That being said, music for healing is a specialized field of study; but to be truly authentic as a form of medicine, sound healing needs to include all the hundreds of tones (called micro-tones) that were left out when music theorists created standardized systems for universal musicianship. To leave them out of sound healing practices would be like doing half a surgery, or giving only part of a prescription for medicine. Sound healing is both powerful and beautiful at the same time; and it is the mysterious mix of the two that help bring the human body back into its perfect alignment, both physically and cosmically when we use all tones available to us.




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