Sound Awareness Training
Initiate or Enhance
A Vibrational Healing, Counseling or
Therapeutic Sound Practice
Through Natural Sounds & Traditions
  A Professionally Presented
Certification Course
& Mentoring Program
About this course - The course is an in-depth sound celebration and ceremonial offering that includes wisdom teaching, sound rituals, history, and vocal musicianship from many world traditions. Learn healing music and song practices from around the world. We create sacred space in each class as we explore the many mystic, religious, and shamanic practices from modern and indigenous cultures. Guest teachers enhance the learning experience with their unique presentation of acquired knowledge Workbooks, handouts and course materials are provided. Participants are encouraged to record the classes and keep notes. This series requires attendance in each of the 9 courses listed below plus at least 1 monthly Yoga of the Voice Meditation. Only course participants are invited to join the teacher training at the end. At the final ceremony, students are encouraged to present a musical offering, a sound ceremony, or a recorded experience to share with the group.

Facilitator, Shara Gardner, studied sound and vocal attunement for over 20 years with some of the world's most knowledgeable and devoted sound masters alive. She attended classes, private sessions, mentoring, experiential studies, secret rituals, ceremonies, and academic studies. Her curriculum included the music of all cultures and the many ecclectic practices of sound healing world wide. Having attended ceremony and rituals at the same time, she gained a deeply entrenched understanding of how sound is used by many cultures, but affects the same physiological conditions in any language or tradition. Undersanding the cross-over practices, she is able to teach others how to work with sound for most physical, emotional, and spiritual conditions across all ethnicities. For more about Shara Gardner, please see "About"

The Intensive Sound Awakening Training is an 9-Part Series that requires the completion of all 9 classes in order to achieve a Certificate of Proficiency in Sound & Voice Therapies. The training progression follows these topics:

• Re-Building The Sound Body
• Entrain to Earth Rhythms and Earth Elements
• Rhythms that Boost Brain Power, Memory, and Focus
• Revealing Personal Power, Creativity and Life Purpose
• Spiritual Awakening Through the Transcendent Passage
• Cultivating Inner Love and Outer Passion
• World Sacred & Mystical Sound Traditions
• Journey into Cosmic Consciousness and beyond
• Yoga of the Voice Theory, Practice & Chakra Balancing
• Sound Awakening Master Teachers Training

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Each course participant receives:

40+ Hours of Intensive Training
Course Binder with Song Sheets & Hand-outs
528 Hz. Tuning Fork  •  Farley's Pocket Tuner
2 hrs. Private Mentoring
Certificate of Completion