"There is no greater and more living resonator of sound than the human body. Each atom resounds."

"The power of illness is held in place by the thought of illness;
but when we lift our attention using the power of music, our mind rises above the illness
and makes the voice its most powerful healing instrument and the illness is
transformed using
the pure energy stored in the battery of the heart."

Hazrat Inayat Khan


Sound Mandala

Ambient Hu Voices

HU is woven into the language of life. Pronounced "hue", it is the Sound of all sounds. It is the wind in the leaves, falling rain, thunder of jets, singing of birds, the awful rumble of a tornado. . . . Its sound is heard in laughter, weeping, the din of city traffic, ocean waves, and the quiet rippling of a mountain stream. And yet, the word HU is not God. It is a word people anywhere can use to address the Originator of Life.

Instant Peace of Mind... Instant relief... Instant awareness.
Listen deeply to this sound clip and you will recognize tones you naturally hear when near running water. The undertones of this harmonic hum have been reproduced through a choir of human voices. When you are still, you can hear the sounds of the natural world humming this same undertone harmonic, and it will permeate your hearing consciousness even if you are not mindfully conscious of the sound. This hum is the sound a fetus hears while in the womb, among other sounds. It is generally accepted scientifically, that sound is the first energy a human infant first perceives. Because the sound of HU is so comforting and constantly present during gestation, the baby is born with a trigger to this hum. When the hum is introduced to the infant it instantly feels safe and comforted.

As we become adults, we can re-visit this sound and repeat it softly to ourselves to restore balance in our lives by humming and listening to the ancient primal sound of HU. Sing along with this recording for at least 4 minutes per session for optimum results. If you cannot make the humming sounds, just listen. If you feel the desire to create a harmony over the top of the sound, feel free to let your voice fly up, down, and in a spiral around this drone. This is a rapid response to confusion, depression, pain, anger, sorrow, etc. Go ahead and repeat it for as long as you need it.

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