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Peaceful Body
Peaceful Body
Sounding for Instant Pain Relief
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Available by Appointment - $25 per hour.

Reduce or eliminate chronic pain. The natural voice resonates vital harmonies for pain reduction and healing. Using the sounds of the natural voice to produce personal vibrations, we not only re-route the neural pain path, but also introduce new vibrations to unaffected areas, often activating deeper breathing and stronger heart rhythms, stimulating the lymphatic system, reducing edema, and activating the growth of new cells.

When sound therapy is used to treat pain instead of using medication (or in addition to meds), the body is able to re-establish pain-free functions in a shorter amount of time. Some partricipants report immediate relief that lasts for hours after a sessions.

Your privacy is assured. Confidentiality is stricty enforced. We do not discuss your conditions within the group. The therapeutic sound techiques for pain reduction are guided for a full hour, during which time your pain levels will be self-monitored to deternine which sounds are most beneficial for you. All participants are provided comfortable furnishings with pillows, blankets, etc. and organic tea as desired.



Instant Sound Relief
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"I felt instant relief when I started to make that "ah" sound."   Anita G., Berkeley, CA

"My pain did not return for about 4 hours. Then I just started to sing to myself."
Marion S., Santa Cruz, CA

"My knee was throbbing, then, I remembered I could sing to it. It really felt better almost immediately."
Eliza R., Watsonville, CA

"I have seen great improvement in the way my back feels. I can sit longer without pain."
John V., Oxnard, CA


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