Mystic Medicine Melodies...
Hear and repeat sounds from your inner cave
or the cosmic sounds of the spheres for deep healing
and transformation.

Everything in the world has a voice. Have you ever considered the voice of the stars, or the wind? How about plants and trees? Because every living thing is made of vibrations or frequencies, their particular rate of reverberation makes a sound. These sounds are not always audible to the human ear, but they can be detected through the subconscious mind even if they are not heard in the way our ears can perceive them.

We can journey into the realms of spiritual consciousness and learn the songs of The Others and use those sounds for our own healing work or for the healing of the planet. Entering a state where we can receive mystic melodies requires us to clear away the thoughts that prevent us from hearing, and then make a connection through the frequencies they emit constantly. Think of yourself as a radio. When you are tuned-in to the right station, you hear the full broadcast. If you are off by a little, you get static or no signal at all. This is how divine sound transmissions work. And we call them divine because they come from a system that is beyond our ability to understand.

Learn more about medicine melodies and cosmic sounds. As meditation guides, both will transport consciousness to a different realm where much self-discovery happens.

Sample medicine melody   Hear Now - 8:21  

Access your inner music spontaneously or create a repertroire
of personal medicine melodies to use for specific healing patterns

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