Your daily practice recording will include:
• A full body warm-up
• A vocal warm-up
• Vocal Ornaments to enhance your sound
• A drumming track for body movement & sound
• A drone track for improvisational mantra & chants
• Purification Mantra - Seed Syllables
• Yoga of the Voice Dancing Breath Meditation
• Creating Medicine Melodies
• A toning guide look-up chart for
  100+ specific health issues (website access)
• A toning guide look-up chart for
  Time-of-day musical power formula (website access)
• A Playlist Guide to Vocal Energy Building (website access)



Sound, as a modality of healing and wellness, is as old as civilization itself. The use of sound daily can assist with stress reduction, facilitate a peaceful outlook on life and calm the mind. Using natural sound improves performance and focus. Sound therapy can also be used to complement medical treatments such as chemotherapy, surgical recovery, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, and therapeutic massage.

When you purchase this recording you will get access to guided instructions on how to create sound healing techniques specific to your physical needs and sound suggestions or toning formulas for general wellness. Using the 12-note chromatic scale you will be able to quickly access the tones needed so you can sing or repeat them. In addition, on the CD you are gently guided to create improvisational songs that work to enhance your subtle senses and directly affect your moods, chronic pain, and brain functions. Learn how your natural sounds affects you as an individual, and also how your sound carries into the world using personalized songs that are called Medicine Melodies.

This CD is a self-guided practice. No one can heal your body for you, but you can learn ways to allow your body to heal itself using this CD to help you gain confidence in your voice and send vibrational energy and information where it is needed. This process quickly puts you in charge of your wellness and can be easily applied to your everyday life.

A side benefit of working with your natural sound is a noticeable increase in self-confidence and clarity, the ability to speak authentically, and the assurance that you are being heard.




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