Shara Gardner, B.A., M.A.

Sound & Music Therapies
Yoga of the Voice™ Pracitioner
Therapeutic Sound Practitioner
Healing Music Composer
Community Healing Choir Director
Certified VoiceBio™ Practitioner
Sound Mentor & Guide
Shamanic Soundworker

Developer of
Sound Entrainment Therapy™

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About Natural Tune & Shara Gardner

I have explored the field of sound and vocal attunement for over 15 years through work with both individuals and groups. My training has evolved through years of participation in an ecclectic array of academic studies, group dynamics, indigenous sound, and sound healing processes, including a thorough study of World Sacred Music. Through deep study and focused research, I understand how particular sounds are used by mystics, priests, and shamans from many wisdom traditions. Using all the unique methods explored, I have synthesized a process that utilizes natural human sounds as well as the natural sounds of the earth, its various species, plants, animals and earth elements. This is why I have called my practice "Natural Tune," because as of yet, there has been no electronically-produced equivalent to the natural sound waves produced on the planet and beyond. Rhythm, dance, and percussion has also played an important part in understanding the fascinating connection between the brain and the body. I have been heavily influenced by shamanic uses of sound and percussion for deep healing and out-of-body journeying. My interest in this form of personal sound expression became stronger after a near-death experience in which my "out-of-body" awareness heard the most exquisite sounds not heard in our physical world. I wanted to find out how to replicate that sound or hear it again. So I persued sound through many sound practices, sound traditions, and healers.

My teachers are multi-cultural, multi-ethnic masters from India, Caribbean, Asia, Amazon, Africa, Brazil, Cuba, Argentina, Peru, Mongolia, Hungary, Bosnia, Morocco, Mexico, Tibet, Jamaica, Haiti, Hawaii, Bali, New Zealand, North American Native Tribes, Alaskan Inuit, British Columbia First Nations, Germany, Eqypt, Italy, Great Britain, and last, but not least, I encountered many "unseen" masters and teachers throughout the United States as I visited countercultural enclaves, indigenous teachers, hippie Rainbow Tribes, and free-spirited healers and troubadors.
The greatest thing I learned through all my studies is that all my guides, teachers, and masters believe in the power of sound, the voice and music attunement. In this belief, we are bonded in truth that cannot be denied. Our personal sounds are our medicine. I practice sound healing and sound mentoring to those who are ready to heal themselves using a different kind of therapy. Using a well-practiced sense of intuition and psychic understanding, I can determine the most appropriate sound paths to influence the body and aid in healing and transformation for each individual. As such, no two therapies are alike and neither will the results be predictable or "textbook." The most important variable that influences the process is whether or not the client is willing to do the sound work for themselves. I always provide mentoring and guidance along the way, but the sound has to come from each person.


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