VoiceBio Test

$65.00 per session


Why Vocal Analysis...?
Because your voice can tell if your body is out of balance.

A Sound Analysis can provide advance warning when harmonic notes are not balanced. Often these are issues that can be improved through the use of a sound practice. Other times, these issues require the expertise of medical doctors to diagnose and treat. We use a computer program that responds to the human voice in all its nuances giving us an accurate reading of vocal tones present during each vocal session. Hundreds of thousands of these tests have been performed and the results have remained the same. In about 90% of the tests analyzed, subjects reported accurate findings after comparing this data with known conditions or traditional medical test results. In about 5% of all cases, the analysis provided an early warning for conditions that were developing, but yet unknown.

The Process:
By speaking into a microphone, a computer software program analyzes the notes present in the voice and it categorizes them into ranges for each music frequency, based on the 12-note chromatic scale. At the end of the voice test, a graph reveals the number of times the voice hits a particular frequency range.

These counts are significant. Some note frequencies that are low, or non-existent, and other areas where the counts are excessively high indicate strong imbalances. Tone formulas on the practice CDs or MP3 downloads provide a guide for balancing the body. We also offer other energy practices that help balance and energize the body's low and high notes.

When a test reveals missing or stressed notes in the body, it often can be the result of physical conditions that are already known; but the test also reveals areas that haven't yet been detected by the client. When this data is compiled we can analyze it and offer some suggestions of possible diseases or conditions that might be affecting the vocal counts, but we are not trained physicians. We suggest a client take a closer look at the results of the vocal test and consider professional medical assessment.

Our vocal tests are not considered by the medical industry to be "scientific." And yet, based on hard scientific data, it is generally accepted that the body produces sound frequencies that identify each organ, type of tissue, and type of function. This information is exactly the same in each body. The function of the brain is the same in all beings. When our note counts reveal a weakness in one area, while we are not trained to tell why that weakness exists or how you should fix it, we know how to provide extra energy or support for those areas via sound. A return to normalcy is achieved in 90% of our cases where the client follows tone formulas and other energy building suggestions.

We are trained to offer suggestions. What you do with them is your choice. We have found that many people improve overall health after a voice analysis shows them what is going on within their body/mind/spirit.