First Chakra
C - 1st Chakra
Muladhara - Root

D - 2nd Chakra
Svdisthana - Sacral

Third Chakra
E - 3rd Chakra
Manipura - Solar Plexus

Fourth Chakra
F - 4th Chakra
Anahata - Heart

Sacred Syllables:
Aum = Om
AA - EE - I - OH - OO

Seed Syllables:

E - Yam - Bam - Ram - Lam
Shrim - Eim - Klim - Krim
Gum - Glaum
Haum - Shraum - Hrim

Fifth Chakra
G - 5th Chakra
Vishuddha - Throat

Sixth ChakraA - 6th Chakra
Ajna - Third Eye

Seventh Chakra
B - 7th Chakra
Sahasrara - Crown

Om Chakra
This sound is being
re-recorded to reflect
528 hz. as Universal Sound



Tuning Formulas use a Combination of Sounds
to activate corresponding brain patterns that influence optimal health.

Sound is Energy
Everything on the planet has been imbued with some form of energy. Energy is the main constituent of life. No energy... no life.

Energy is also the common denominator between all species, all elements, and all forms of spirit. Between all life forms, subtle, yet different energies are present. We call the presence of energy, "Spirit." It is unseen. It is often based upon the power of belief, and a wisdom that assures us that Creation, itself, is the very origin of energy. This is not a religious fact, although many religions are founded on the principles of energy. For some this translates into a belief in God, Allah, Great Spirit, Creator, etc. For others, the definiation of Spirit is the natural energy of all things we enjoy but cannot control.Through the observance of natural energy, we learn much about our lives, our world, and about the unseen forces. Some examples of this are the patterns of sun and moon, ocean tides, animal behavior and nature, plants and trees, etc. The "Nature" of each creation is revealed to us when we are open to learning about it. Each life form contains elements of Spirit that influence its life patterns and thereby, make it unique and powerful in its own existence. The "nature" of each form defines what it is, and what it does on the planet. Human nature defines what we are and what we do on the planet. Nature is energy. Spirit is energy. Sound is energy.

Sound is energy that is revealed through many methods. We can hear sound, feel sound, and sense sound. In all ways, sound is present in all life forms because energy is present in all life forms. When human sound is strong, the being is considered to be healthy. When the sound becomes weak or altered, the human body ceases to function in balance causing any number of dysfunctions.

When our personal energy is low, we make mistakes, succumb to illness, experience depression, self-doubt, and loss of interest in our lives. Using tuning formulas can help us restore the missing sounds in our energy patterns.
Tuning Formulas for Optimal Health
We have provided distinctive tuning formulas that correlate to specific physical or emotional conditions. The Tuning Formula book can be purchased from this website. It is available in a digital download or PDF text file.

See the Store for CD/MP3 availability.

Listen to the sounds then tone with the recordings. This practice aligns your cells and contributes
to general health

Don't be shy about using these strange-sounding syllables. They have been used for millions of years and in many cultures. In fact, all languages use a combination of these sounds in the formation of each word. Repeat as often as needed to strengthen your vocal resonance. In order to determine which notes you need for healing specific illnesses or health challenges see Note Book #1 available in the Sound Store or use the general Chakra information found everywhere on the web.




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